“It’s hard to describe the intensity of the experience [...] Absolutely sublime.”

- Chris Person, Kotaku

“While you are in SoundSelf, you dwell in a place which isn’t sleep and isn’t wakefulness. A level of consciousness wraps you which is both extraordinary, and utterly normal. SoundSelf might be the ground floor of an Oculus-biofeedback field to be, or simply an aid to a meditative practice already established.”

- Jason Rhode, PASTE

“The net effect can be pleasingly psychedelic, but because VR is so immersive, it can also be more than that: it’s not a bad approximation of a state of intense samadhi, such as in Theravadan jhana meditation or complex Tibetan visualization practices.”

- Dr. Jay Michaelson, Tricycle

“Zero Face Left”

- Anonymous Hippie at Burning Man