Gear VR


A few months ago, I mentioned that we were pausing development on SoundSelf to work on a related project. I’m happy to finally share with you: For the last few months we’ve been developing a version of SoundSelf for Gear VR: Oculus’ mobile VR hardware for the Samsung Note 4. This will be the first complete version of SoundSelf [...]

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I’ve observed two modes of playing SoundSelf. First there’s a playful mode: The player asks the system “what can you do, how do I play with you?” They dance with their voice, push SoundSelf around, explore its limits. They’re having *fun*. Players always begin in this space, but SoundSelf’s magic happens when they transition into a [...]

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The Self and The Software


This is reblogged from ElectronDance. It was originally written as a rambling response to questions about the future of controllers on Rock Paper Shotgun. The original motivation behind Deep Sea was a dirt simple question: how do I maximize immersion? It was a curiosity drive! I started out knowing from my own experience that fear can [...]

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Sound Designing SoundSelf, Part 1


Before beginning work on SoundSelf, I spent most of my time making sound effects for independent games like Antichamber, The Stanley Parable and Capsule. In this video, I go through some of the unique sound design challenges SoundSelf presents to me, and how I’ve approached those challenges. Special thanks to the awesome Tina Rodriguez for her musical generosity.

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Are you a therapist?


Let’s work together. Returning from the weeks of festival hopping, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the therapeutic potential of SoundSelf. I’ve had the great fortune of meeting people with stories of either themselves or close relations struggling with any number of neurological challenges, from autism to schizophrenia. They’ve told me they believe SoundSelf could be [...]

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