Are you a therapist?

Are you a therapist, yogi, neurologist, healer, consciousness researcher, shaman, hypnotherapist, or mind-hacker?

Let’s work together.

Returning from the weeks of festival hopping, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the therapeutic potential of SoundSelf. I’ve had the great fortune of meeting people with stories of either themselves or close relations struggling with any number of neurological challenges, from autism to schizophrenia. They’ve told me they believe SoundSelf could be a tool for them. I would like to be able to help, and I would also love to use your knowledge to make the experience more powerful.

While I have some reach in this quirky corner of the game world, I don’t know how to navigate the web of conferences and blogs that medical and mindfulness practitioners use. Additionally, researching the means for applying SoundSelf therapeutically, and then executing on that knowledge, have an uncertain time cost that we must balance against development.

If you believe you can use SoundSelf to help yourself or a friend, or if you think it would be valuable to your field of expertise, please let us know. I am eager to share and learn.