Jamming on New Ideas: Part 2

Here are some more ideas I’ve been experimenting with. Aside from “fields”, I think all of these are pretty beautifully successful, and I look forward to exploring them more fully in game.

This is based on a wind-powered sculpture a friend of mine posted on facebook.

This is the most direct exploration of mandala forms I’ve experimented with so far. It began as an attempt to create gravitational orbits, but I abandoned that in favor of greater symmetry, which I think works well for SoundSelf in general.

This one’s really meh. I was experimenting with interference and aliasing, but it just… meh. That was a rabbit hole that lasted most of the day… but once I abandoned it…

This came out much more awesomely. It was inspired by this weird thing.

BTW, I totally love it when people send me cool trippy gifs and artstuff. It really really inspires me. So if there’s a thing you’d like to share, please do so in the Greenlight comments! A soundselfy version of it may end up in the game.